Finance and Administration

How is the Church Financed?

God has called us as a church to do a job. From the outset, this church consisted of people who are willing to devote their time, energy, and money to this task. We believe that giving away a proportion of our income to finance the work of the ministry of the church is an important part of Christian commitment, and something the bible clearly teaches. The main work of the church is therefore financed through the gifts of our own members.


Oasis Christian Fellowship is a registered charity, and is therefore subject to the law governing charities. Trustees have been appointed who oversee the financial affairs and administration of the church as well as all other matters relating to it's charity status, and in turn make recommendations to the church leaders to consider.


       Dave                          Barbara Baldwin Trustee               

             David Scogings                          Barbara Baldwin                                

     Christopher Dolley                        

       Chris Dolley                                       Steve Larkin 


A Report and Accounts is produced each year by the trustees which is sent to the Charity Commissioners, and also made available to the church members.


                       Registered Charity Number: 288387

                 Office Address:

230 High Road