Prayer Outreach work


Hope Together

           If you would like us to pray for you or for some one else please send in your prayer request simply fill in the form  by clicking here 

We regularly pray for the community here in Castle Point.  We hold prayer meetings on Tuesday mornings and Friday evenings where we meet together ( remotely on the computer via Zoom at the moment )    

A   national campaign under the banner of 'Hope Together' was officially  launched at the Excel Centre in London a few years ago. We are encouraged by the renewed national vision for the church to work together in bringing the message of hope into our communities.                                       

 In 2008 the vision of taking prayer out into the streets of our community was initiated under the banner of the national campaign 'Hope 2008'. and we continue to bring hope to people today. Many churches across the nation took part in various forms of outreach into the community.

outreach at tescos pitsea

in the past 

We visited a number of sites accross Castle Point offering prayer, or just a chat and a coffee. 

Places we visited included:

 The Knightswick Centre - Morrisons, Canvey - Bus Museum Show Day at Labworth Car Park -  

Castle Point Show - The White Heart,Thundersley Village - Iceland Foods, Hadleigh - -

The Salvation Army Farmers Market, Hadleigh - Tarpots.  

A new minibus was purchased; and the vision continued under the banner of 'Hope 2009', 

as we went out into the community with the message that there is real hope in Jesus. 

This message then continued under the hope banner.


bus museum open day canvey island



Our vision is to see many miracles of healing and salvation taking place out on 

the streets of Castle Point as we persevere with our 

commission of taking Jesus out into the community. It is also our desire that 

this work will be seen as local Christians reaching out 

into the community giving glory to Jesus, and not one particular congregation or denomination.             

News and Testimonies of 2011

Prayer Tour Bus: 

We  continued to reach out into the community during 2011 with many prayer request 

cards being completed. Our venues have included a number of sites on 

Canvey Island, Benfleet, and Hadleigh.

4th February 2012     Hadleigh

Our first 'Outreach' for 2012 was very encouraging with a good response.

 A number of prayer request cards were completed on the day. 

The minibus was positioned outside Iceland Frozen Foods in Hadleigh. 

It was noticable that more people were 

stopping to look at the literature on display.





In 2020 we continue to pray in our on-line meetings on zoom for our community especially during the lock-down due to the corona virus.